Top 5 - Places to fly your drone around Christchurch this Summer

Welcome to my very first Top 5 segment, these will host anything from photography tips and tricks to travel advice! Today I’m starting my Top 5 places to fly your drone around Christchurch this Summer. All these locations are safe to fly your drone, just make sure you’re courteous to those around you by respecting their privacy and that they come to these places for peace and relaxation. All spots listed are suitable for both sunrise and sunset.

5. Spencer Park

Located near the Waimakariri River Mouth, Spencer Park offers sand dunes, seascapes and the river itself giving you a lot of variety in such a small area. Do beware though as Christchurch City’s airspace sits just west of Lower Styx Rd.

4. Mount Pleasant Scenic Reserve


Like two other locations on this list, Mt. Pleasant provides views of both the mountains and Lyttelton Harbour, using your drone here can provide a new perspective of one of the most iconic views in Christchurch overlooking Lyttelton itself.

3. Witch Hill Scenic Reserve

Witch Hill plays host to some epic rocky formations which provide a great opportunity to add a human element to your drone images using either Lyttelton Harbour or Christchurch City as your backdrop.

2. Coopers Knob

This sweet spot provides plenty of different compositions particularly when using Summit Rd in your images, Gibraltar Rock is a prominent feature and is a particularly epic spot to photograph sunset.

1. Scarborough


This is without a doubt my favourite spot in Christchurch to launch my drone. With Sumner beach to one side and Taylor’s Mistake to the other, your battery life will prove to be your biggest limitation. One thing to keep in mind here is your altitude (height) as Scarborough is a popular flight path for light aircraft so remain vigilant.

It goes without saying but ensure you follow the rules when flying your drone and stay clear of no fly zones! To brush up on drone laws be sure to check out the Airshare website, they also have detailed interactive maps to ensure you remain safe in the skies.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first Top 5 piece, be sure to send in your images for a chance to have your work featured on my instagram.