Top 5 - New Zealand Highways

Welcome back to another instalment of my Top 5 blog segment! For most of us the last week meant facing reality by heading back to work, if however this is your first day back then all the best for the New Year and for those of you who are still on holiday I’m very jealous!

Today I’m sharing my Top 5 New Zealand Highway’s that you should all try and tackle this year because lets be honest, the first thing we do when we go back to work in look towards our next holiday!

5. Cape Reinga Highway

Image - @giuligartner

A great one in the summer, the Cape Reinga Highway takes you all the way up State Highway 1 to the very tip top of our beautiful country, since I gained the freedom of having my own car the drive to Cape Reinga was the very first I ticked off my list, the ultimate prize is seeing where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea right under the eye of the world famous Cape Reinga Lighthouse but there are plenty of little treats on the road north for you to discover from incredible sand dunes to pristine quintessential Kiwi beaches.

4. Desert Road Highway

Image - @shadowandshadenz

It is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite drive in the North Island because there is nothing else quite like it in the North, the dominating feature is without a doubt Mt. Ngauruhoe but the area offers so many little treats that should be explored in the area! My personal favourite sits to the west. Tawhai Falls, a waterfall made famous world wide by playing a part in Peter Jackson’s film; The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is now commonly referred to as ‘Gollum’s Pool’.

3. Arthurs Pass Highway

Image - @billynunweek

Arthurs Pass will always hold a special place in my heart as it played host to my first road trip in the South Island after relocating in 2015, you’ll find yourself climb winding roads into incredible alpine vistas that will do more than enough to quench your alpine addiction. With several lakes that provide an excellent spot to camp for the night the place has a long list of options that mean you can keep coming back and discover something new every time! 

2. Milford Sound Highway

Image - @rachstewartnz

The road north of Te Anau is biblical, you’ll find yourself craning your neck to try and get a better look out the window and as a result will resign to stopping frequently in order to really soak in all the beauty! The wondrous thing about the place is how much it changes with the weather, though gorgeous on a sunny day nothing will quite prepare you for how incredible it looks when the rain comes from the heavens. Although not at the top of my list I’m sharing today it is on the top of my personal list of places I need to revisit having not been back in over 18 months!

1. Mount Cook Highway

Image - @billynunweek

Surprise, surprise! The Mount Cook Highway comes out on top, I tried my best to not list it at number one but I knew deep down I’d just be lying to myself. What I love most about the drive into Mount Cook National Park is that Mount Cook remains forever in your light of sight providing ample opportunity top pull over and get that cliche ‘Road to Aoraki’ snap! If you’ve never been before there are two walks you just have to do and don’t worry they’re suitable for people of all fitness levels and they are the Hooker Valley Trail and the Tasman Lake Trail. You’ll definitely thank me later!

No bonus listing today as I feel I’ve got enough listed to get you planning your next road trip, although most can be done in a day I highly recommend to take your time in order to truly appreciate the place, share the drive and stay safe on the roads!

See ya next Monday!