Top 5 - New Zealand Waterfalls

Happy Monday Everyone, today I’ll be sharing my favourite waterfalls in my homeland New Zealand! They’re all different and dotted across the country so hopefully you’ll be able to see one or two of these bad boys for yourself.

5. Bridal Veil Falls


Bridal Veil Falls is a plunge waterfall found in the Raglan region out west of Hamilton. A great waterfall for photographers it provides four varying compositions to allow you to build a catalogue of images. I’d highly advise not getting in the water though due to farm run off polluting the water upstream!

4. Stirling Falls


Out of the list, this is the hardest waterfall to get to. The 151m plunge pool is only accessible via the water so unless you take a boat tour with one of the various tour companies or by going on a kayak tour. Be sure to take a rain jacket as the boat tours will be sure to get you soaked right underneath the waterfall! One key feature of this waterfall is the gorgeous spider webbing effect that wash creates as it hits the water.

3. Thunder Creek Falls


Thunder Creek is located at the beginning of the Haast Highway as you head north and after a very short walk you’ll be greeted with a beautiful waterfall that provided a beautiful turquoise colour in the water. My greatest piece of advice is to bring some mosquito spray as the insects in the area will take a liking to you if its not a windy day!

2. Tarawera Falls


To get here you’ll have to buy a pass to access Tarawera Forest which can be purchased at the information centre in Kawarau. The area is well worth exploring if you have the time but the pinnacle of the area for me is the falls without a doubt. The spray from the falls can be insane so be prepared and bring a microfibre cloth and an umbrella to try and minimise that spray on your lens. Take extra caution if your camera isn’t weather sealed!

1. Tawhai Falls


Hands down my favourite waterfall in New Zealand, made famous by the Lord of the Rings as it played a part in Frodo, Sam and Gollum’s story-line hence the spot is often named after the scene ‘Gollum’s Pool’. This spot also provides multiple compositions allowing you to really get creative. As its based so close to the mountains of Tongariro National Park the looks of the place can change dramatically with the seasons.

Stay tuned next week as I’ll take you through how I capture my waterfall images.

See ya next Monday!