Top 5 - Photographers to follow in 2019

Happy New Year everybody! 

I’ve set myself a goal to write a lot more this year and in an effort to do that I aim to produce a ‘Top 5’ blog entry every Monday! Lets see how long I can keep it going! To kick 2019 off I’m going to share my top five Instagram accounts to follow in 2019!

1 - William Patino (@williampatino_photography).

In no particular order I’m starting with my biggest inspiration, William Patino. Will is an Australian landscape photographer based out of Te Anau, Fiordland and his images speak volumes about a man who is committed to capturing the very best images. What really fascinates me is that all of his images (excluding night exposures) are captured handheld and once you take a look at his profile you’ll understand why I’m so blown away!

2 - Michael Shainblum (@shainblumphotography).

A photographer who never ceases to blow me away with both his imagery and editing is Michael, the way he makes images looks so smooth and sharp at the same time is something to really be appreciate. Along with some incredible time-lapses he also produces some killer tutorials that I’d highly recommend checking out!

3 - Even Tryggstrand (@eventyr).

For all your Northern Lights inspiration check out Even, based out of the Northern Lights capital of the world, Tromsø, Norway he is the very best at capturing the many shapes and forms the lights can produce. If he doesn’t inspire you to head north I don’t know who will!

4 - Josh Beames (@joshbeames).

Based out of Australia, Josh has managed to change the way I look at my neighbours across the Tasman. Initially uninterested in the Australian landscape following his journey has given me the desire to cross the ditch and get exploring asap! Not to mention his edits are better than crispy bacon!

5 - Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond).

If you’re looking to bridge the gap between Landscape and Lifestyle photography, look no further. Jord provides a collection on beautifully smooth, well composed images that take light into account like no other. His images will not only inspire you but are an ultimate pleasure to behold, like food for your eyes.

Bonus - Petra Leary (@petraleary).

If you’re looking for something a little different, Petra’s aerial game is on another level, the way she uses shapes and colour will have you coming back for more, the nature of some of her images will leave you scratching your head as she takes drone photography to a level that is far beyond most of us, her eye for a different perspective is simply inspiring.

Now I know this list was a little longer that five but sometimes you can’t put a number on talent. I’d love to hear who your favourite people to follow on Instagram are and if you enjoyed any of the profiles I’ve share with you today.

See you next Monday!