Top 5 - Must see places in Iceland

Unless you've been living under a rock or you're a new follower you'll be well aware I spent two weeks on the otherside of the world to the land of fire and ice, Iceland. This week I'll be sharing my top 5 places in Iceland you simply have to visit.

5. Seydisfjordur, Austurland


The only township to make the list, Seydisfjordur is by far the most beautiful town I've seen. Situated at the end of a fjord with mountainous surrounding, the landscape simply adds to the idyllic Icelandic vibe given off. Made famous by the 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' and what is without a doubt the cutest light blue church on the planet the township can become quite busy. I'd suggest visiting in September to avoid the rush of people and to see some awesome snowy landscapes of your drive over the pass.

4. Godafoss, Nordurland


The only 'mainstream' spot to make this list, Godafoss is by far the very best of the tourist frequented waterfalls in Iceland. Gorgeous in all weather the shear power and amount of water flowing through is staggering to say the least. Godafoss is easily accessible via the ring road which is open and serviced year round.

3. Grotta Lighthouse, Reykjavik


If you have a short time in Iceland and you'd like to try and see the Northern Lights then this is the spot for you. Grotta Lighthouse marks the northern most point of the capital city of Reykjavik and is walking distance from the city. If you have clear skies and anything over a KP2 then you'll have a chance of seeing the lights. Perfect if you don't have a car or the money for a guided tour.

2. Blahylur, Sudurland


Blahylur was by far the place I was most excited to see in Iceland, surrounded by several other volcanic lakes the place is a hive for geothermal activity. Though it is by far the most photogenic I do recommend going to see the others seeming as you've already traveled so far. To get here you'll either need your own 4WD or you'll need to go on a tour as the Highland 'F-Roads' are not designed for anything that isn't off-road capable. Do be careful when you're renting a car because just being a 4WD doesn't mean it is suitable. It pays to confirm that your vehicle is able to take on the F-Roads with your rental company before going. It should also be noted that the F-Roads aren’t open all year, they tend to close at the end of September and not reopen until the snow has melted from the roads as they aren’t serviced like your main roads. Even with a 4WD these roads can be impassible.

1. Dynjandi, Vestfirdir

This spot makes number one for three reasons. The absolute lack of people there was a real treat, though a very famous waterfall to get there takes a bit of time either by anassortment of 'F-Roads' or a ferry. I'd recommend the drive as the places your drive through and passes you cross are hands down some of the best road-side scenes I've ever laid my eyes upon! Finally, Dynjandi is the main waterfall at the very tip top of the walk with several cascades on the walk up, getting more and more picturesque as you climb to the last look out right underneath Dynjandi!

Hopefully this wee list will have you plotting your trip to Iceland, if you do go make sure you show me what you get up to!

Until next Monday, see ya!