Top 5 - Places to see in Queenstown

After my recent trip to Queenstown it made sense to list my top 5 places to check out around the Queenstown area, all you need is a way to get around and you’re good to go!

5. Meiklejohns Jetty

Image - @shadowandshadenz

Situated along the road to Glenorchy west of Queenstown is a bay along Lake Wakatipu where the remnants of an old jetty can be found, they make a great foreground feature for photographs with the mountains in the background and due to the southward facing nature it can potentially be used as a foreground for photographs of the Southern Lights.

4. Remarkables Ski Field Access Road


Along the Remarks access road you’ll come across a trig station amongst a few switchbacks on the way up the mountain, just beyond the trig station is one of the best views of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu in terms of effort for reward. I’d highly recommend this spot for sunset!

3. Lake Hayes


Gorgeous all year round I particularly love this spot once the autumn colours begin to take hold on the area, there is a little wharf on the southern side of the lake that provides great subject matter.

2. Glenorchy Wharf

Image - @thekiwifrog

One of my favourite places to sit down and relax, sitting over the beautiful lake with the gorgeous mountains in the background are a particularly spectacular sight during winter as the snow takes over the landscape. If you really want to push yourself try taking an astro shot later in the milky way season!

1. Moke Lake

Image - @undersoulphotography

Moke is famous for its incredible reflections that quite literally mirror its surrounding on a calm day which happen very frequently! Great for sunrise, sunset, moody vibes, astro and the Southern Lights its clear to see why it tops my list of places to see in Queenstown.

Bonus. Wanaka Tree


Its a little out of the way but if you’ve come half way across the world to be here you won’t want to make the mistake of not going to Wanaka. Wanaka is home to what is probably the most famous tree in the world, ‘That Wanaka Tree’, adored world wide for not only its beauty in where its situated but its resilient nature, a tree that can outlast us all in even the most adverse environment.

This Monday I’ve admittedly left it a little late but I’ve made it nonetheless, thats three for three! I hope you’re enjoying these little segments, feel free to get in touch and let me know what you’d like to hear about next.

See ya next Monday