Landscape Photography

Where it all kicked off, the world of landscape photography! I'd recently started exploring the mountain ranges that make up the Southern Alps where one morning I tried capturing the beautiful sunrise on my phone and GoPro, safe to say they didn't do the scene justice, it was then that I decided to invest in a camera and photograph my escapades.

2 years on from buying my first camera I've upgraded to a full frame body and better glass, I've seen a lot more of this beautiful country I call home and I'm starting to extend my horizons with a trip to Iceland and England in September/October 2018.

It's incredible to look back at that day in Arthurs Pass where I stood by myself in the brisk embrace of winter and looking how far I've come and how passionate I am about photography. I'm excited with what lies ahead of me in the years to come with camera in hand.

Over the years my style has developed and in some cases changed dramatically, all in the endeavour to take better and cleaner images with a fresh perspective and composition.


Landscape Set Up

The majority of the time my Canon 6D has my Canon 16-35 f/ 2.8 mounted to it but the photography I really enjoy means bringing out my Canon 70-200 f/ 2.8 or even the Canon 100-400 f/ 4.5-5.6. I love having the ability to zoom in tight on mountain peaks enveloped with cloud, mist or fog as its shrouded in glorious light. That is what really gets me buzzing when I'm holding my camera, maybe thats why I feel most at home in the mountains at any time of day, during any season.

Landscape Gallery